“Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent efforts”- John Ruskin.

Introducing Toll-Free Numbers

To buy a toll-free number in India by a startup is the first step towards intelligent efforts. As toll-free numbers benefit a business in multiple ways. Toll-free numbers are business numbers that come with specific sequences and are free of cost for customer callers. In India, a toll-free number generally starts with 1800. A customer can call on a given toll-free business number, where the cost of calling is taken care of by the business.

 A startup can boost its business by using toll-free numbers. It is interesting to note that chargeable business numbers often decrease the call flow by 30-40%. It also includes prolonged wait time, which costs customers time and money. But with toll-free numbers, these inconveniences are taken care of.  To buy a toll-free number in India, a business can choose from the range of toll-free number providers. Each toll-free number providers offer different features that can focus on different business needs.

Features Benefitting Uses of Toll-Free Numbers

Toll-free numbers can revitalize a startup in the following ways:

  1. Branding Image: Creating a social presence is the first step to creating a strong brand image. A business needs to be visible on both, online and offline platforms. A toll-free number offers a professional identity to the business. As the number gives the business identity, it also makes it recognized and visible. It helps to reduce the connectivity gap between the business and the customers. Establishing a brand image in a competitive market, where every day people start a new business is challenging. Rapport building is one important aspect of establishing a business. Toll-free numbers help a startup business easily make market visibility and stability.
  2. Easy Access to Communication: Customers can call on the toll-free number and get all information needed to be related to products and services. With a toll-free number, the engagement rate is higher as the customers do not have to worry about the duration of a call and charges. Toll-free numbers support startups to offer easy connectivity to the business. Customers might not be keen to invest in a startup, but with free calls, these barriers can be reduced.
  3. Easy Retention:  A business can buy a toll-free number to offer seamless communication to customers. The sequences of the numbers are easy to recall and remember. It helps customers to easily dial and connect with the agents. It also helps to build the credibility and authenticity of a business.
  4. Customer Satisfaction: Toll-free numbers offers flexibility to connect with the business. A customer; irrespective of geographical location, time zone, etc. can easily connect with the business. Toll-free numbers offer immediate responses to the customers which further increases customer satisfaction.
  5. 24x7 Support: It offers 24x7 support for the customers that help customers to connect with the business at any given time. It also helps the business to expand its market reach. It helps in maintaining a stable customer base along with easy lead generation.
  6. Call Recording: Toll-free numbers record all calls automatically. It reduces the manual work of the agents and offers productive time.
  7. Call Routing: Calls are directly routed to the agents or specific departments/experts as per the concern of the customers. Automated routing helps a business to offer satisfactory service with less wait time and immediate response.
  8. IVR Menu: Customers can also resolve their issues with the help of the IVR menu. The menu can be customized that focuses on offering immediate and quality customer service. As most of the issues can be resolved with the IVR menu options independently, the workloads of agents are reduced.


A toll-free number helps a startup to offer quality customer service with limited resources and investment. By investing in toll-free numbers, a business can manage to gain regular customers as well as target potential customers.

Toll-free numbers are customers centric where they gain more authority over calls and communication. A customer can gain all the information and service without paying for the call. It increases the call engagement rate of the business and also enhances customer satisfaction. One can get in touch with the business without being concerned about payments based on geographical placements.