A company uses a missed call solution to contact or follow up with a customer who calls the business number. When a customer calls the company number using the missed call alert, the call is immediately stopped after a few rings. This is documented and saved in the cloud, which the company later uses to call the customer back. Missed calls have evolved from a common way for people to speak with one another to a means for marketers to engage their audience. It is a clever method for brands to stay on top of their target consumer. Here mentioned are the 7 use cases of missed call solutions:

  1. Health Care & Medical Industry

Numerous problems can be resolved, and access to medical-healthcare services can be increased with just one missed call. You should select the right missed call solutions provider for your company. Through missed calls, customers can get both emergency and generated services. It can be used to make an appointment, ask for a follow-up visit, request lab work, and request emergency services like an ambulance, among other things. 

One can sign up for a healthcare service that can be updated regularly based on need with just a miss call. It benefits those who live alone, the elderly, and persons with disabilities. Additionally, scheduling a home appointment for laboratory testing eliminates the need to stand in line. The reports are also sent to the registered mobile number, and the subsequent follow-ups are recalled.

  1. Entertainment Industry

The entertainment sector uses missed call solutions to increase viewership. It uses the missed call solution as a tool and conducts online polling, e-surveys, and interviews with contestants or TV shows. The audience incurs no costs. Thus there is a higher rate of engagement, which is good for business. Singing, dancing, talent, and other reality shows can be found on television. As a result, missed calls are a convenient way for viewers to connect with these shows, particularly with their favourite participants.

  1. Banking & Finance Industry

Missed call solutions are used in this sector to provide clients with remote, value-based service. Customers can view transaction data, verify mini statements, and check bank balances. The banking sector uses missed calling systems for various marketing campaigns. Sending widespread outbound messaging as a reminder for loans, payments, EMIs, etc… Online services like money transfers, chequebook requests, PIN changes, and other things help keep banks less crowded. Both the consumers and the agents benefit from the time and energy savings.

  1. Government Sector

Utilizing voice-based technologies, the missed call marketing service was developed in collaboration with telecom carriers. Missed call service in India is a tool used by governments to increase civic engagement and involvement. The missed call is one of the most well-liked and user-friendly methods for getting free consumer feedback. The connection between citizens and various government campaigns can be made through a missed-call solution. Following a missed call, the system may start an SMS or voice call to confirm the citizen. It might be employed to record the interest, registration, involvement, data collection, or service opt-in of Citizens.

  1. NGOs

NGOs improve society's involvement to increase awareness of social issues. Missed calls might be a crucial tool for the development of NGOs. Missed call service is highly beneficial for people to make calls easily to your business. 

  1. Travel & Tourism Industry

In this market, missed call solutions are widespread. It improves customer service and lightens the workload of the company. All details and information are freely given. It facilitates more pleasant, secure, and leisurely travel. It makes your customer feel satisfied. 

  1. E-commerce Industry

Scale is the main benefit of online shopping. However, providing that level of customer service can be difficult and expensive. Missed calls may be a solution to these issues. It helps people to verify the order and trace the delivery status. 

Bottom Line

Businesses of many sizes and in a variety of sectors use the services. It helps a business quickly to increase the value of its brand. Eco-friendly packaging that is customized to a business's needs is available. Companies, both domestically and abroad, have confidence in it. It provides the promised level of service, confirming excellence in all facets of communication.